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Time & Material and Billing is not as easy as one can think of. A simple mistake can cost you and affect company’s bottom line. Statistics show, automating AR in any business can be expensive, subscription to costly software and away from your trusted accounting software. Most of the automated billing software have their own platform and don’t usually integrate with your accounting software. Therefore, you may end up having two systems to handle your accounting functions. This poses inconvenience in terms of reviewing any financial statement such as Profit & Loss or Balance Sheets etc.,. One would think of automating AR functions within existing software without the need to migrate to new platform.

Atkku Consult, is an award winning SaaS App is the exactly what you are looking for. You can enjoy both worlds. Complete Automation of AR functions and the comfort of QuickBooks you have been counting for years.

Atkku Consult, simplifies the work flow for Staffing companies on the following

  • Setup Billing
  • Timesheet Entry
  • Timesheet Reminder
  • Invoice Generation and Delivery to customers
  • Past Due Follow-up Reminders to customers
  • Sub-Contractor handling for a third-party consultants
  • Comprehensive report for AR