Rediscover the power of A/R automation for staffing companies

Consult is Cloud-based software created with A/R automation and sophisticated features, and it provides staffing companies with several advantages. Staffing companies can capture timesheets of contractors, and route them automatically for approval and creation of invoices. The software is fully integrated with QuickBooks and lessens inaccurate multi-state tax payments while speeding up the accounting process to increase cash-flow. The invoicing software for staffing companies also reduces revenue leakage and ensures data is kept secure.

A/R Automated

Thanks to End-To-End A/R Automation, Staffing companies save time and money by its faster timesheet and invoice processing.

Auto Timesheets

Timesheets are entered are tracked by CONSULT and timely reminders to consultants provide status updates on invoices.


T&M Billing App comes with powerful unified platform that speeds up the delivery of accurate invoices.


Powerful Integration of VMS + A/R Automation + QuickBooks brings you the business advantages and streamlines billing process.

automated invoice processing software
30,000 feet view

CONSULT crunches all vital information into single dashboard gives you the power of knowing.

Collabrative Timesheet

Consultants can submit timesheets via CONSULT portal and synced with QuickBooks in real-time giving staffing companies advantages.

Invoicing Made Easy

Whether it is just few invoices or 100s of invoices, it will be delivered swiftly without any delay improving cash-flow.


automated invoice processing software

Enhanced cash flow

CONSULT invoicing software for staffing companies is reasonably priced and comes with features that are specifically designed to boost cash flow. Among its unique features are the automation of Accounts Receivables which ensures the timesheets are processed faster, and delivery of invoices to clients are not delayed. Along with A/R automation for staffing company, integration with QuickBooks is also supported and it keeps errors to a minimum and simplifies the accounting process.

  • Real time Integration with QuickBooksR
  • Automate A/R and Save time & money
  • Error free Invoicing prevents revenue loss
  • Fully automated timesheet and past due reminders
  • Get paid on-time with timely invoicing improves cash-flow

Superior accounts receivable automation.

We understand your problems, from timesheet follow-up to sending invoices to past-due follow-ups, and of course multi-state taxes that Staffing Companies have to deal with. Thanks to CONSULT, Cloud-based App designed with sophisticated features and A/R automation that delivers several benefits including optimized cash-flow and timely delivery of accurate invoices to clients.

  • Cloud-based
  • Support by AccounTechies
  • Priced affordably
automated invoice processing software
time tracker software

CONSULT is trusted by Staffing companies

Let CONSULT handle your billing issues while you can focus on growing your business, bringing you end-to-end A/R solutions from timesheets to past due reminders, including real-time integration with QuickBooks.

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