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purposeful technologies that really automate

Atkku is an enterprise that we built to make technologies purposeful and bring automation into accounting. Our automation is real and we make it work hard so that businesses, service providers and industries are able to realize the real power of automation through better quality, faster production and precision in all endeavors and products.

Our products center on our core competency – accounting. We are not into automation just for the sake of it – we ensure that every one of our product has undergone the highest standards of usefulness in running enterprises that value giving its investors true value for their investment.

Atkku’s principal genre is accounting products and CONSULT ® is a brand that is synonymous with varied businesses for performance. At the helm are our large pool of talented experienced programmers, subject matter experts and technocrats who understand automation at its core.

Customers trust us for quality, relevancy and honesty in all business dealings. Every user of our products are happy customers because our purpose is delivering what we promise.

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We are the kind of people who like to partner with prospective customers in developing products and services that enhance automation. If you have an idea and vision for the future, come talk to us.

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