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Create corporate style Invoice, Credit Memo, Sales Order, Sales Receipt, Purchase Receipt, Estimate for QuickBooks using AIM with QuickBooks.

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Advanced Template/Email Solutions for QuickBooks

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Create stunning Invoice, Credit Memo, Sales Order, Sales Receipt, Purchase Receipt, Estimate with AIM for QuickBooks

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Let your Invoice speak

Choose from hundreds of professional looking templates to suit your business needs. With AIM, templates are designed for "print" or "email" thus stand out in the crowd. Atkku can custom design template if you'd like.

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Never enter data twice

With AIM integrated with QuickBooks, you never enter data twice. AIM synchoronizes with QuickBooks to retrieve data for templates. With expanded data availability, templates are enriched with more data you can print with AIM.

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Data Security

AIM retrieves data in ReadOnly mode thus preventing accidental overwrite or data loss. AIM updates only 'To Be Printed" or "To Be Emailed" keeping your QuickBooks tidy.

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Files created with Archival in mind

Never worry about file size or storage space, with AIM's compression techniques, file sizes are in KBs than MBs make storage or email breeze.

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Time Saver

With AIM integration with QuickBooks, Document emailing and storing are made easy therefore you don't have to spend hours emailing and/or storing. AIM even stores Invoice, Credit Memo, Sales Order, Sales Receipt, Purchase Receipt, Estimate with proper naming, so you don't have to.

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Batch Processing

Ever want to send all invoices once a month with a mouse click. Thanks to AIM's multithreaded Email feature capable of sending all invoices in one click with personalized email.

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Enhance Mail Merge Capabilities

Mail Merge feature provides transaction specific email templates with many 'mail merge fields' create more personalized emails.

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Looking for custom templates !

AIM's extended feature allows you to integrate custom design templates of your choice. You want to have a custom specific templates for your business, let us do the work for you. You provide the content, we design and integrate with AIM.

Packed with endless features to enliven your Invoices

We made Atkku Invoice Manager so that you spend lesser time in printing invoices. There are endless features that you will discover and invoice formats suited for every business.

QuickBooks Integration

AIM seamless integration with QuickBooks, you can access from version 2010.

Data Security

AIM's read only feature prevents any accidental overwrite or data loss*. AIM doesn't store data retrieved from QuickBooks.


Mail Merge and Batch Email process allows to email invoices in a click.

Unlimited Templates

With more than 500 templates, you can enjoy wide variety of choices.

Multi-Email Configuration

AIM supports multiple email configuration allowing you to use

Full Bleed Templates

With full bleed templates, you can create more compelling Invoice, Credit Memo, Sales Order, Sales Receipt, Purchase Receipt, Estimate.

Realtime data from QuickBooks

With refresh option, AIM syncs data from QuickBooks anytime you want.

Multiple QuickBooks versions

AIM backward compatibility allows you to use QuickBooks from version 2010

Atkku Invoice Manager Software Box

A Product made with your business in mind.

Atkku Invoice Manager for QuickBooks was made to make Invoice Printing Simpler, Easier and Quicker. It is designed to operate within the QuickBooks environment without leaving it. There is absolute no learning curve to it. All you need to do is just install it in a few simple steps and start to print invoices like a professional.

Atkku Invoice Manager is customizable — you can include your company logo, select from more than a thousand layouts and choose your favorite fonts. It is as simple as this.


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