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Managed Networking Services

Server Support Services

Computer networks are vital to any enterprise – primarily it helps to exchange data and maintain seamless communication across different functions within an organization and outside. The other major advantages of networks include – remote access to programs and data, and sharing of scarce resources.

Our Managed Network Services cover the full gamut of networking specialties, including –

  • Server, LAN and WAN maintenance support
  • Mail and Message management
  • Software, Application and OS maintenance
  • Remote Support and Troubleshooting
  • Performance Reporting
  • Security Management
  • Database and Backup Management
  • Strategically focused
  • Accountable
  • Innovative
  • Raises the level of service
  • Saves money
  • RPO

  • Accounting

  • Networking

  • HR

Desktop Support Services

Our highly-trained desktop support agents know well how important desktops are for seamless conduct of your business. This is the reason why they remain accessible around the clock to provide you the much-needed support when you need it most.

The salient features of our high-level support include –

  • Flexible plans or customized services to meet specific needs
  • Installing or uninstalling and maintaining hardware/software
  • Keep desktops safe and free of viruses, patch management and removing greynet applications
  • Monitoring system health remotely

Customers prefer our services because our support agents –

  • Comply or exceed customer expectations
  • Qualified, superbly trained and certified
  • Extensively knowledgeable and understand customer needs best
  • Reachable by phone, email or chat
  • Live person support
  • Use the latest trouble shooting tools

Our customer footprint is among the widest and includes – Individuals, Government Agencies; Higher Education Institutions; Technology Companies and Commercial Enterprises. Our services used in diverse fields, such as – manufacturing, restaurants/food chains, saloons/spa, healthcare & doctors’ offices, retail stores, software industry, BPOs and pharmaceutical businesses.

  • Cost savings
  • Reduced Network/Desktop down time
  • 24/7 Support Service
  • Customized Plans
  • Highly Experienced Professionals
  • RPO

  • Accounting

  • Networking

  • HR

General Accounting

Reduce spending much time on splitting expenses to accounts (or) journal entries by using atkku's General accounting services where our trained Accounting Professionals categorizes your expenses accurately and saves your precious time.

Our General Accounting services includes Bank statement Reconciliation, Credit Card Reconciliation and Petty Cash Reconciliation Service maintains accuracy over appropriate time interval as required by your business.

Atkku's General Accounting Process

Bank Statement Reconciliation

Our Accounting professionals perfectly compares your bank transactions with your internal system records by applying powerfully customized rules and identifies the valid matching transactions.

Credit Card Reconciliation

We analyze your credit card statements and the receipts to find the variance in a accurate and timely manner.

Petty Cash Reconciliation

On Reconciling Petty Cash, first we will review the stated balance and calculate the withdrawn cash. Then, we analyze the variances by summarizing the vouchers.

  • Accurate Reconciliation in Timely Manner
  • Multiple level Quality Control ensures accuracy of data
  • Dedicated Fax number to Each clients
  • RPO

  • Accounting

  • Networking

  • HR

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