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Managed HR Services

Managed HR Services

Human Resources (HR) is a vital component in any organization to stay competitive in today’s business environment. Challenges include compliance with laws and regulations and maintaining endless numbers of records pertaining to employees that together can be highly time consuming.

Atkku's HR Record keeping includes-


  • Documenting the pre-hire process (Job Posting & Advertisement)
  • Adhering to statutory requirements as per client request


  • Maintain Employment Application forms & Resumes
  • Keep a record of offer letters
  • Visa Filings if any

Public Access File (PAF)

  • Maintenance of Certified Labor Condition Application (if any)
  • LCA Acknowledgements and Posting Documentation
  • Prevailing wage determination (if applicable)


  • Maintenance of payroll enrollment
  • Insurance enrollment, timesheet records
  • Benefit management (such as paid vacation etc.)
  • Employee notification such as salary review or termination records


  • Maintenance of termination records
  • Accounts & payroll settlement letter
  • Visa withdrawal petition (if any).
  • Huge Cost Savings
  • Paperless office Environment
  • Remote access to Data and company information
  • Secured servers with SSL – VPN Access
  • RPO

  • Accounting

  • Networking

  • HR

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