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Boost Operational Intelligence
to your Accounts Receivables

Everything that is to Invoicing Automation – 100% Accurate Invoices, 300% cut on Time Spend, Streamlined A/R Processing,
Automated Customer Invoice dispatch, Powerful VMS Add-on, Automated Contract Compliance,
Daily Past-dues and Timesheets Reminders, Multi-state Tax Invoice, and more.


Smart Invoicing

Create perfect invoices, track payments and get paid faster with futuristic yet contemporary invoicing designed for staffing companies.


Auto Reminders

Focus more on core business activities while the application intelligence takes care of invoicing, timesheet and past due reminders.

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3D Technology

Distributed Data Delivery (3D) system ensures that the data used by staffing companies is always the latest by removing redundancy.

Single Sign-on Access

Single Sign-on Access

CONSULT ® is a Cloud-based application that allows seamless QuickBooks TM accounting with it’s robust Invoicing automation solutions. It is value for money, customizable, hassle-free, made exclusively for
QuickBooks TM online that comes with a highly intuitive UI.

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Fully Integrated VMS

CONSULT ® offers an automated VMS integration that makes it a breeze to track vendor billing performance. Never overpay or underpay; the software automatically checks data with the latest information, so that you don’t face revenue leaks.

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Multi-State Tax Allocation

CONSULT’s ® unique categorization provides methodology for billing consultants located in multiple non-home state locations help save taxes, deal with missed invoices and incomplete project billing; further protects staffing companies from accountants accidentally applying incorrect pay rates and billing hours, contract non-compliance, incorrect discount rates and failure to apply multiple billing rates

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200+ Invoice Templates

Let your invoices speak for your brand. Insert your logo, select your choicest invoice templates, print terms and conditions, print consolidated invoice or individual consultant invoice; or single invoice for multiple contractors and explore many other options that are exclusive to CONSULT ®.

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Improve Cash Flow

CONSULT ® is the perfect solution for streamlining cash flow in staffing business– you will be paid faster because you can bid adieu to billing errors with smart invoicing, send automated reminders requesting payments and even integrate payment receipts using QuickBooks TM features.

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Make Informed Decisions

CONSULT ® is bolstered with a futuristic dashboard that allows every staffing business owner to have a 360 o view of accounting performances that enable them to make informed and key decisions for business growth.

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Get Full Control

CONSULT ® is for Staffing Companies that want total control over Invoicing Operations – configuring accounts, fixing monthly/fortnightly billing rates, viewing timesheet entries, sending automated reminders to consultants and printing customized/standard invoices.

Embrace Invoicing Automation
and Improve Financial Efficiency
of your Staffing Business

  • Say goodbye to missed and late payments

  • Automate invoice creation to get paid faster

  • Improve overall financial efficiency

  • Reduce average days delinquents (ADD)

  • Reduce annual bad-debt reserves

  • Improve Multi-state income/expense tax compliance

  • Create comprehensive and on-demand invoice reports

  • Focus more on the higher-level Business Operations

  • Improve time & billing in QuickBooks with CONSULT ®

  • Validate subcontractor invoices automatically

  • Improve productivity and consistency across teams

  • Provide dedicated login for Consultants’ timesheet entry

  • Manage vendor/sub-contractor through in-built powerful VMS

  • Streamline data entry with errorless data capture model

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