Account Receivables Automation Redefined

CONSULT, industry leading accounts receivables automation app speeds up from to timesheet to invoice to collection to reminders. CONSULT create and email invoices to customers without a sweat. Thanks to its real-time QuickBooks integration, data synced as it happens.

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Why Atkku?

Our Automated Invoice Processing for staffing firms and digital document delivery solutions, improve cash-flow and growth.

QuickBooks Integration

CONSULT App has extended functionality with QuickBooks to deliver advanced accounting.

Sophisticated Data Capture

Advanced electronic data capture is fast and cuts out costly manual labor.

Timely, Accurate Invoicing

Reminders and meticulous billing processes reduce late invoicing that causes bad debts.

Increase Cash-Flow

Invoice automation for staffing companies creates accurate invoices and improve cash-flow.

Multi-lingual Documents

Multi-language templates help creating bilingual invoices and documents.

VMS Made Easy

Managing Sub-Contractor invoices never been easy. Thanks to CONSULT’s built-in VMS.

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We Deliver Next Generation Accounting Technology

With 25 years of expertise in creating award-winning accounts receivable automation technology, we deliver long-lasting benefits to our clients.

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Create and send
Multi-lingual Invoices

Using our QuickBooks integrated AIM invoice management solution companies create, manage, and send customized invoices and documents in multiple languages. AIM works with CONSULT automated invoice processing for staffing company, keeps QuickBooks data secure and reduces manual data entry.

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Digital Document Delivery made easy with AIM-3D

Discover the power of Invoice Automation


Growth happens, manage it with CONSULT App. Award winning cloud-based App providing strategical advantages and competitiveness. We bring technology solutions to our customer to save money and time.

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